CODA Brothers Interpreting is not VRI.

CODA Brothers Interpreting provides the best ASL Interpreting - by Video.

The term VRI brings to mind a hospital Emergency Room setting, where a video device is rolled in and up pops the next randomly available American Sign Language interpreter. This type of VRI is On-Demand video interpreting.

From experience, Deaf people believe this is a second-rate way to receive communication access. The video can be blurry, the screen size is small, and the interpreter is from an unknown location unfamiliar to the Deaf person. Oftentimes this type of VRI feels cold and impersonal.

We are very different… here’s how.

CODA Brothers Interpreting only works with Deaf clients who WANT to use video to connect. We are not On Demand, we are Prescheduled VRI. Think of it as On Site Interpreting – by video.

Our clients are empowered to book their own interpreting needs. They determine if they need an On Site or Video Interpreter. On staff we have a scheduler, interpreter referral agents and an interpreter manager ready to support your video and communication needs.

CODA Brothers Interpreting has built small teams of Nationally Certified Interpreters who are expert video interpreters and love interpreting. We know our clients. We build preferred lists. We let our clients choose their preferred video platform.

Together, we are in a new age of ASL video interpreting. Come and see how we can work with you.

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